Stephen Slade — A Couple Good Memories

LC: Sort of switching completely without any sort of segue… I wonder if you have any favorite stories from 201. You’ve taught it for at least three years straight. 

SS: So one year we were giving a final exam, and it was like a three-hour exam. And after about thirty minutes somebody stands up and hands in their exam paper and leaves. I thought that was a little odd. But I look at the exam paper and the person wrote in the paper something like, “I want to apologize, I’m not actually enrolled in this course. I came into this classroom by mistake. I didn’t want to leave right away because I thought that might be disruptive.” 

That’s pretty good. 

I’ve done this video contest, you know. I don’t know if you saw this year. I had written the lyrics for this turing machine song based on My Fair Lady. The winner did that, but at the end he did a rap song based on CS201. 

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