Marvin Chun — Off Campus Concerns

(Image: Arnold Hall, which was allocated for mixed college housing before COVID)

LC: I think I saw you mentioned in a previous interview concern about students living off campus their junior and senior years. I am wondering if you are making some progress on that front. 

MC: Yeah, so the portion of students living off campus peaked right before the two new colleges opened. Fortunately because of the success of the two new colleges and the strength of all residential college communities that number is starting to come down, but we would still like it to keep going down. We are doing everything we can to encourage students to try to stay on campus. 

The most explicit example is our opening of Arnold hall as an option for mixed college housing because we learned through surveys and analyses that most people living off campus are living with friends from other colleges. It’s not the only reason that students move off campus, but it certainly is an enabling reason–it prompts students to live off campus because they want to live with students in other colleges without giving up their college affiliation. I don’t have any data yet on how that’s going, but we’re hoping that it will help keep more students on campus, and, if so, then there’s the possibility of expanding that option.

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