Marvin Chun — Giving Back to Yale

(Image: Tsai City plan by Weiss/Manfredi)

LC: I’m reaching almost the end of my junior year of college, and I’m increasingly thinking about how upper level students are, I don’t know about expected to, but considering how to give back to the Yale community. What do you think are some of the best or easiest ways to give back to your residential college or the Yale community? 

MC: Well I think the most important way students can give back is just to express their gratitude to as many people as they can–express gratitude to their faculty, to administrators and leadership, and most importantly express gratitude to each other. If you feel grateful then you will give back in all kinds of ways through your time, and post-Yale through giving back to help this place continue to be great through development. 

But I think the basis of it all is if students feel grateful for their time and the opportunities here, sharing that or even just expressing it is a great way to pay it forward because that is ultimately the energy that propels us to greater heights. How this place is run is through the generosity of a lot of alumni who just plain and simple feel grateful for the experiences they had here. And of course just expressing that makes others feel good about the place as well. 

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