About Us


ProfTalk was founded in 2018 to gather and share information about the careers and lives of the world’s top academics. From the Deputy Director of the Large Synaptic Space Telescope Construction Project to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Rwanda and everywhere in between, ProfTalk seeks to explore the diversity of university careers and the incredible professors that pursue them. 


Lukas Corey, Co-Founder

Lukas is a Yale University senior and Co-Founder of ProfTalk. He spent his childhood developing an appreciation for the labor of academic researchers wandering the hallways of the University of Washington Health Sciences building, where his mother runs the GU Prostate Cancer Research Lab. Grading homework and exams with his father, a community college chemistry professor, he also witnessed the devotion with which talented academics dedicate time to shaping future leaders. His reverence only grew as his passion for biology matured and he searched for insight on scientific careers and lives from the faculty of UW and Yale University. He founded ProfTalk to share the wisdom and lives of professors. 

Vivek Gopalan, Co-Founder

Vivek is a Computer Science student at Yale and passionate technologist. His grandparents–former professors at Auburn and Tuskegee Universities–have been great sources of inspiration in both his worldview and academic pursuits. He hopes to share the stories of professors and place their viewpoints, research, and stories in the limelight. He is specifically interested in the intersections of law, science & technology, and politics.