Get Involved

Thank you so much for thinking about getting involved with ProfTalk! We appreciate everyone who comes to visit our website and are even more grateful that you would consider supporting this endeavor in some way. Below are a few of the ways that you can get involved or support what we do.


The most important way you can help us keep doing this is by sharing our work with your family, friends, and/or community. We love to put out content that people engage with and hopefully learn something from. Sharing your favorite piece on Facebook, Twitter, or via any other medium is one of the best and easiest ways you can keep us going.


We are constantly looking for new content! If you know a professor at your university who you think may be interested, or if you would like our input on what professors at your school could be interesting to talk with, contact us at [] or []. We will happily discuss our process with you and do anything we can to help you prepare. Please be aware that certain genders and backgrounds are underrepresented in professor positions, and their stories are even more valuable to tell.

Costs for maintaining our website and travel are entirely out of pocket. Any donations you make of however much you can contribute help us have the time and resources to reach out and interview the most interesting and insightful professors we can find. Contact either Vivek or Lukas for more information!