Randy Schekman — The Bulletin Board Goals

(photo from https://vcresearch.berkeley.edu/news/berkeley-talks-nobel-laureate-randy-schekman-new-parkinsons-research, taken by Elena Zhukova)
LC: So I heard that a way you motivate people in your lab is a bulletin board in your lab with major landmark and major achievements on it that you’re shooting for. I was wondering if this board is still literally or figuratively in place and what your modern or current research goals are.

Randy Schekman — Industry Science

RS: Well I would say one of the dramatic changes has been in the career options for someone studying biomedical science, generally biology, life science. When I started in graduate school in 1970 there was only one career option really--as an academic that was my intention and all of my classmates expected to do the same. There were of course in other disciplines, in chemistry there were positions in industry, but that just wasn’t an option in cell and molecular biology.